Getting Between Johannesburg and Rustenburg

by Peter Baxter 

Getting around SA

Rustenburg in is the direction of one of the preferred

weekend getaways for residents of Johannesburg

and Pretoria.

The main attraction for many is the Lost CitySun City

leisure and casino resorts situated just outside

Rustenburg, but also a collection of wilderness

preserves and wildlife parks add to the attraction.

Rustenburg is also no more than an hours drive

from Johannesburg,

so getting there is easy.


You can fly if you want, Rustenburg has an airport

offering limited domestic connections, and

more will be added for the Fifa World Cup

Soccer Tournament 2010.

However from Johannesburg to Rustenburg it makes

much more sense to jump in a car or on a bus and

travel up the N4 for a short an comfortable

ride to the sights and the stadium.

Inter-city coaches

Rustenburg is en-route to Botswana and most

inter-city coach services ply the route between

Pretoria/Gabarone with Rustenburg

as a stopover.

From Johannesburg though you will need to make

your way to Pretoria.

The main bus terminus is on the northeast

corner of Church Square in downtown Pretoria.

Not all coach services offer Rustenburg as

a stopover on this route so it is worth

checking in advance.

Here are a selection of the main operators:

  • TransLux
  • InterCape
  • Greyhound
  • City to City (no frills coach booked thru TransLux)
  • SA Roadlink (super luxury coaches)
  • Citiliner
  • Long distance minibus taxis run frequently

    between Johannesburg and Rustenburg.

    The main terminus is adjacent to the

    Pretoria train station on the corner of

    Railway St and Paul Kruger St

    >> This is a rough and ready local service.

    It is usually friendly but not always safe

    Baz Bus

    Baz Bus does not currently offer

    the northwest as a route option.


    There are currently no scheduled train services

    between Johannesburg/Pretoria.

    There will however be services available

    during the Fifa World Cup Soccer Tournament 2010


    Jump on the N1 leading north out of Johannesburg,

    then keep your eyes open as you come into

    Pretoria for signs for the N4 west which will

    include indications for Rustneburg.

    It is a short drive, less than an hour on a good day,

    with views on the left hand side of the

    beautiful Magaliesberg Nature Reserve.

    >> Take note of the high crime status of this region

    and avoid stopping or being stopped

    by anyone that is not clearly a police detail

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