What Happens When Women Achieve Political Power?

NOW on PBS' Maria Hinojosa Focuses on 'Women, Power, and Politics' for September 19 One-Hour Episode United States ranks 68th among countries for number of women in national political office

Last update: 12:58 p.m. EDT Sept. 2, 2008
NEW YORK, Sep 02, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- From a U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire to the Presidential palace in Chile; from a team of high school debaters in New York City to the halls of Parliament in Rwanda, women are striving for power. But what drives them, and what unique contemporary challenges do they face?
In a special one-hour NOW on PBS airing September 19, 2008, Emmy-winning senior correspondent Maria Hinojosa embarks on a personal journey around the world for an intimate look at the high-stakes risks, triumphs, and setbacks for woman leaders of today and tomorrow.
In the program "WOMEN, POWER, AND POLITICS: A RISING TIDE?," Hinojosa interviews President Michele Bachelet of Chile, the first woman leader in Latin America who did not have a husband precede her as President, as well as former New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen, now in a tight race for a seat in the U.S. Senate.
Hinojosa also travels to Rwanda, where, 14 years after a horrific massacre left nearly one million people dead, women make up nearly half of the government, and an economic boom is enriching lives. Rwanda now has the highest percentage of women in government of any country.
The show also follows a group of diverse high school girls competing in a debate competition for the chance to participate in the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute. These girls -- some from disadvantaged backgrounds -- are on the cusp of finding their way as future leaders.
"The United States ranks 68th among countries for number of women in national political office," says Hinojosa, who conceived the project earlier this year. "That says a lot about us, but also about the rest of the world, where women are accomplishing great things in places where you'd least expect it."
Maria Hinojosa is available to share personal and professional details of her journalistic journey.
The NOW website at www.pbs.org/now will feature web-exclusive commentary from noteworthy women including Maria Bartiromo, Sandra Cisneros, and Mary Robinson, as well as opportunities for all women to post and share their stories of ambition, success, and discouragement.

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