Rwanda calls for bids for e-Cabinet system

By Edris Kisambira , IDG News Service , 10/14/2008

The Rwanda Information Technology Authority (RITA) has invited bids from IT consulting firms to develop, install, commission, implement training for and maintain an e-Cabinet system.

Currently, a majority of Rwanda's Cabinet processes are manual, with piles of paper circulated each year. According to RITA, the Cabinet lacks systematic technology for monitoring agenda formulation and progress in meeting deliberations.

"This is a barrier to the assurance of the actual implementation of accountability, effectiveness and efficiency of the cabinet decisions," read a statement issued by RITA.

By capturing all records relating to Cabinet processes electronically, the new system will help eliminate the need for government ministries to send hard copies of memoranda to the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and to each Cabinet member.

"This will result in a comprehensive electronic archive and possibilities for the creation of new information resources, an improved, electronic means of tracking progress with implementing cabinet decisions," the statement read.

The project's consultant will be required to analyze the existing Cabinet processes and propose core technological, architectural and high-level business elements to be included in the specifications phase. The consultant must also identify operational security requirements, provide necessary hardware, and develop a dynamic and interactive Web site for the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs.

Funds for the project are derived from a World Bank grant to African governments to support ICT.

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