Cheap Transportation to Gruyères in Switzerland

By Car, Bus, or Train to the Romantic Old Town and Medieval Castle

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View from Medieval Gruyères Castle, Switzerland, © Henk Bekker
Romantic Gruyères with its medieval castle and old town is easily reached by car, bus, or train from most parts of Switzerland. Driving is the easiest and fastest option.

The historic old town and medieval castle of Gruyères are very popular with tourists year round. Gruyères is centrally located in Switzerland around halfway between Fribourg (Freiburg) and Lake Geneva (Montreux and Lausanne). Many visitors arrive by tour bus but traveling to this lovely area of Switzerland is also easy for individuals whether by private car or by using public transportation.

Traveling to Gruyères by Car

Gruyeres is easiest and fastest reached by private car. From the highway A12, which connects the northern Lake Geneva region (Lausanne and Montreux area) with Fribourg (Freiburg) and eventually Bern, use the exit for Bulle. From here, follow the signs to Gruyères (signs to Château-d'Òeux are sometimes more prominent) for around 10 km (6 miles) and through around twelve traffic roundabouts. Closer to Gruyères itself, follow the signs to the Chateau parking lots.

Driving times to Gruyères are from:

  • Fribourg (Freiburg) – 0h35 (35 km / 22 mi)
  • Bern – 1h (60 km / 40 mi)
  • Basel – 1h45 (160 km / 100 mi)
  • Zurich – 2h (190 km / 120 mi)
  • Gstaad – 0h45 (40 km / 25 mi)
  • Lausanne – 0h50 (60 km / 40 mi)
  • Geneva – 1h20 (120 km / 95 mi)

The old town of Gruyères is traffic free. Visitors may park in the parking lots outside the town gate. A small parking lot is available at the top of the hill near the main entrance to Gruyères but most drivers will have to park at the larger free parking areas at the foot of the hill. From here it is a few minutes hike up to the old town – the path to the far left when facing the hill is slightly longer but free of stairs.

Traveling to Gruyères by Train and Bus

Gruyères can be reached by bus but most visitors arriving from outside the immediate region are more likely to use the regional train (second class only). Traveling to Gruyères by public transportation usually require a transfer at Bulle or Palèzieux. From Bulle, regional trains take only around 6 minutes to Gruyères, while the regional trains from Palèzieux near Lausanne take almost an hour. These trains run generally once per hour with the odd gap in the schedule on especially Sundays.

  • Overall traveling time when using trains (and or buses) to Gruyères is around an hour from Fribourg; an hour and a half from Bern, Lausanne, or Montreux; two hours from Geneva; and two and a half hour from Basel or Zurich.

Sometimes regional buses are more useful than the trains. Two bus stops are associated with Gruyères – Gruyères Gare, which is at the train station, and Gruyères Ville, which is just outside the old town. Buses connect the two stops in around three minutes but it is a pleasant enough ten-minute walk. If bus departures are inconvenient, follow Route de la Cité to the old town and castle.

  • Gruyères is mostly visited for its historic old town, the medieval Gruyères Castle, and the science fiction art in the HR Giger Museum. The town is very popular with tourists making early morning arrivals sensible.

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