Sad news from Germany

When we returned from Canada, we had sad news waiting for us. Ilona's mother Gisela had fallen ill. Ilona immediately flew to Germany (the first time she was separated from Alexander for a night, though Alexander was an amazing trouper about it). Then, sadly, Gisela passed away. Mike and Alexander flew to Germany for a few days that were a mix of sadness and happiness, as we remembered all the amazing things about Gisela. The funeral service was very nice with a packed house. Alexander, though sad, was wonderful throughout.

The picture shows how much we lost. The ladies in the picture are two of Gisela's friends, both well into their eighties (Gisela was just 74). They are about to bicycle home after the ceremony. They make them strong in Kaldenkirchen.

Goodbye Oma, we will miss you.

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