Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rwanda: Path to Peace

It seems that I am focused on a theme this week without even realizing it... that theme being companies/projects devoted to social causes! Here is an amazing project that is working with women weavers in Rwanda to bring economic growth to the area. Rwanda Path to Peace was founded in 2005 and they are now in their fourth year of operation. The goal of this project is to give the women of Rwanda a way to gain economic stability, with the idea being that women are the support system for families and children and once they are stable, the rest will follow.
Now that the women are able to bring in an income, their children are healthy and educated, they are able to buy mosquito nets to protect their families from malaria and water purification pills so they have access to clean water and many of the weavers and organizers are even working toward facilitating reconciliation in war-torn areas of the country. I am amazed at how far reaching the efforts of the Rwanda Path to Peace project have been. Their collections are sold exclusively through Macy*s...it's definitly worth a click over!

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