We arrived at Kabadaha Church about 9:30 a.m. greeted by singing and dancing.  There were approximately 500 people worshiping outside.  Choirs had come from Gitarama, Buba Parish and Kabadaha and we were told they were singing honor to us and to God as they sang toward heaven.  We were also told that the people had seen so much evil, poverty, hunger, and pain that they had given up hope and were just waiting to go the next land.  Now they were singing praises to God for what He had given them.  Next, the travel team sang "Oh do Lord" to all of these people and we even had the correct clap to accompany it, but we didn't dance the dance! 

The President of the Rwandan Presbytery had the sermon from Genesis and Romans.  He shared that Abraham believed the unbelievable things; Beechwoods has believed and now he said the Rwandan people must believe and begin to share a hand to someone else.  After 2 hours of worship, we walked down the hill for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  The President of the Rwandan Presbytery and Wayne jointly cut the ribbon to enter and continued the dedication inside.  It was a beautiful church with glass in windows and doors and concrete floors - it was the largest of any church we had seen here in Rwanda.  The Beechwoods/Kabadaha banner was hanging in the front of the church as well as the 8 x 10 photo of our congregation.  After many speakers, choirs and prayers, we were presented with a gift to bring back to Beechwoods. 

Terry and I introduced the travel team and spoke about our partnership and the gifts God had given both congregations and a gift of a Bible was presented to Kabadaha, pictures and the then the Paraments.  The Kabadaha people were pleased to receive the colorful cloths and approximately 5 hours after we began, we closed the service and then greeted one another and received "Fanta".  Fanta is not just the drink, it seems to always include a feast of traditional Rwandan food.  The Kabadaha Church is beautiful, far larger that we thought and as we drove away, we felt that the people realized what God had given them.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to witness tangible results in the completion of this church and I just stand in awe at how God has answered our prayers in such a short time.  As I re-read the program for this dedication and the humble prayers that were lifted up, I know that God's work is not finished yet-great things are yet to come. 

 We will be traveling to Kigali tomorrow and we hope to see the Genocide Memorial and shop and rest a little before we make that 26 hour trip back to see you all - we miss you, we love you and we ask that you keep us in your prayers for safe travel.

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