Besigye, Museveni trade accusations over Rwanda's UPE

Alfred Tumushabe


President Yoweri Museveni  lied when he said there is no  Universal Primary Education in Rwanda, the Forum for Democratic Change party leader,  Dr  Kizza Besigye, has said.
"It is shaming for a president who has ruled the country for 23 years to tell lies to the public that there is no UPE in Rwanda," Dr Besigye said on Friday while addressing residents of Kashari County in Mbarara.
"He called me a liar, but I didn't lie. He is the liar. He should accept that Rwanda is doing very well in East Africa,"  Dr Besigye said.
Mr Museveni while on Prosperity for All sensitisation rally in Kebisoni, Rukungiri last Monday ridiculed Dr Besigye saying he lied that Rwanda has better services compared to Uganda.
"It is true that the Rwandan government pays good salaries to its workers. But Besigye should also have said that there is no Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) in Rwanda," Mr Museveni was quoted in The New Vision of October 14.
He was further quoted as saying, "Besigye stood for presidency and he should not tell lies because the president is the second to God and a president should not tell lies."
"If we pay more salaries, then children will not go to school. So should we scrap UPE in order to pay more money for salaries? Tell Besigye that a person who wants to be president shouldn't tell lies."
While addressing a rally in Rukungiri a few days before Mr Museveni's tour,  Dr Besigye, is reported to have said that Rwanda's President Paul Kagame is a good leader who has managed to steer his country to development.
He was further quoted to have said that many Ugandans including teachers were going to Rwanda to look  for employment when it is possible to create jobs in Uganda.
Mr Besigye further said in Kashari on Friday: "Rwanda's UPE is better than that of Uganda. Pupils get food and books from school. They are going to get laptop computers. Is that the same as ours [UPE]?"
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