Finally a shift in South Africa's doomed AIDS policy?

I just read another article full of disturbing facts in the German magazine Der Spiegel and have to share this with you:

The new Health Minister in South Africa, Barbara Hogan just stated: "We know that HIV can cause AIDS". It is hard to believe but this an almost revolutionary shift in South Africa's official policy. She also stated that the "policy of our government has failed". FINALLY!

So far scientists in South Africa have been oppressed and could not state facts about AIDS publicly without the fear of defamation or even further punishment. Even Nelson Mandela was reprimanded by the ANC in 2002 when he publicly stated that the cause for his son's death was AIDS.

Time for some more numbers & facts:

  • About 1000 people die every day in South Africa because of AIDS. There are also about 1000 new HIV infections per day. About 6500 people are estimated to be infected with HIV every day world wide.
  • About 0.7% of the world population lives in South Africa. Compare this to 15% of all HIV infected in the world living in South Africa.
  • Tabo Mbeki's former Health Minister recommended Garlic, Beets and Olive Oil as a cure for HIV.
  • Doctors that would cause AIDS as a cause of death still have to fear loosing their license.
  • Over 50% of the admissions in South Africa's hospitals are related to AIDS.
  • The new president of the African National Congress (ANZ) Jacob Zuma stated in 2005 that he took a shower after having intercourse with an HIV-positive woman in order to protect himself.
Estimated HIV prevalence among young adults (15-49) by country.

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This is the time to jump aboard and turn things around in this country with a lot of potential. Contact us if you are interested and we will point you in the right direction (s).

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