My first bidding experience on bidorbuy from South Africa

Yesterday I was looking for something online and after searching for an hour, I figured that the only place to look would be eBay or bidorbuy. Now, for those of you who know me, searching for an hour means I went from East to West and North to South, so clearly I had no other option that to try out bidorbuy.

I signed up for bidorbuy over a year ago, to take a look at the system, but never went onto purchasing anything. Purchasing items online in South Africa is still a new art and with stories about Amazon no longer trading to South Africa, what are we meant to think?

Anyway, I logged into my account and took a look around their system for the item I wanted to purchase and sure enough, I found one! Now, there's a few things about bidorbuy, which are important in my opinion:

- Some users are verified users
- Some items are for purchase, whereas some are auctions
- Some items come with a warranty
- Some items have a reserve price
- Some items have a money back guarentee
- Some items are discreet (keeps transactions between buyers and sellers private on bidorbuy)

These items are all identified by the icons above and it's really important that you take the time to identify what the buyer offers!

The person I ordered from offers a warranty, but is NOT a verified user, which obviously makes me a little nervous to start out with, but I decided to give it a go and bid on the item. I contacted the user and added him on Skype and he was really prompt in response, so I'm a little more confident now after he explained delivery and so forth to me.

All in all, the experience was great and the bidorbuy system works like a dream! I'm not surprised bidorbuy has almost 300,000 users in their system! If you take a look at the rop right-hand corner of the bidorbuy homepage, you'll see that they are now announcing statistics such as 'online users', 'bargains for sale' and 'registered users'.

If you want to get a bidorbuy account, click here.

Have you successfully used birorbuy before?

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