Rwanda: Kigali adjudged best African capital

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The UN habitat agency (UN-Habitat) has adjudged the Rwandan capital, Kigali, as the best African city for 2008, as it has seen the most important progress in redevelopment, the state-owned Radio of Rwanda said at the weekend. Kigali in March 2001 began a project under the municipal authorities called "Infrastructure and Urban Management Plan (IUMP)", to reorganization the city, which will continue until 2020, the radio said.

The other objective of the project, according to the municipal authorities, is to limit the surge of automobile traffic in the Rwandan capital in order to create a new city for pedestrians alone. Kigali has a population of 1.2 million people.

Within the framework of this urban renovation of Kigali, whose total cost is estimated at US$1.4 billion, is also the creation of an artificial lake in the swamp of Nyabugogo, on the southern door of the city.

Among other ongoing projects, is the construction of a big building of 24 floors, right in the middle of the Rwandan capital, which comprises a big underground parking lot for 400 light cars, as well as supermarkets and stores, the radio said.

The city authorities have since 2003 taken a decision to relocate the poor population which lives in dangerous houses, in order to develop new districts in accordance with the new plan.
Gisenyi - 20/10/2008

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