Uganda: Locals in Rwanda Celebrate Independence

New Vision (Kampala)

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Arthur Baguma

THE Uganda Night is becoming a popular event on Rwanda's social calendar. Getting an invite to this annual get-together of Ugandans living in Rwanda and their friends has become a prized honour.

This year's dinner held on 10th October at the luxurious Kigali Serena Hotel attracted the cream of Rwanda's diplomats. By 8:00pm guests had started streaming into the hall which was decorated Ugandan style.

Tables were marked with symbols of Uganda's wild life. Uganda's Ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero spoke proudly and eloquently about the proud history of Uganda and the country's good relations with Rwanda.

A documentary showing Uganda's long journey to independence and prosperity was screened as guests wined and dined. But when the MC called songbird Juliana Kanyomozi, the ballroom was chocked by a rapturous applause and clapping. Draped in a long black dress, Juliana sent the crowd wild with her songs- Kibaluma, Nkyanonya.

But it was Kibaluma and Kanyimbe that sent the guests to the dance floor. Kabonero was the man of the night having been at the venue as early as 3.00pm and leaving after midnight.

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Meanwhile, Ugandans living in Zambia last Saturday celebrated independence. Traditional Ugandan food like Matooke was served and Ugandan music to bring people closer to home.

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