Canada has become a more conservative nation, Harper says

FREDERICTON, N.B. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadians have shifted to the right and made the country more conservative since he's been in politics.

But Conservatives must govern in the interests of the broad majority of the population if they want to stay in power, Harper said Saturday.

"I don't want to say the Canadian public is overwhelmingly conservative or that it is necessarily as conservative as everybody in our party," he said in Fredericton at the start of a weekend swing through Atlantic Canada.

"And that means that our party has to make sure that it continues to govern in the interests of the broad majority of the population. That means not only that we want to pull Canadians towards conservatism, but Conservatives also have to move towards Canadians."

Harper said when he entered politics, Canada was debating whether balanced budgets and trade were a good thing.

Since then, he says there's been a "tremendous" change among Canadians who have embraced many small-c conservative values.

The military has joined the CBC and medicare as a source of national pride, he said.

In terms of the economy, the Liberals and New Democrats are out of step with Canadians, Harper said.

Their policies take a "pre-free trade, Cold War" approach to the economy that will hurt the country, he said.

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