RPF Pulls Crowds At Unilak
The New Times (Kigali)

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Eugene Kwibuka

Hundreds of cheering students gathered yesterday evening at the Université Laïque Adventiste de Kigali (UNILAK) in a show of support to the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) Parliamentary hopefuls who had come to campaign at the campus.

RPF members Emmanuel Mudidi, Agnes Mukazibera, Rose Kayumba and Theoneste Safari together with Phoibe Kanyange from the Parti de la Solidarité et du Progrès (PSP) which is in a coalition with the RPF were present at the event.

"In the RPF, we are a team that fought for and liberated this country. Do you want to be part of that team?" Rose Kayumba asked the cheering students who were all donning RPF T-shirts and waving RPF caps.

"I don't know how to express it I feel very happy as I hold this flag. I think I am here at school because RPF brought security in this country," said Vedaste Nsengiyumva, a first-year Management student who lost some of his school friends during the fight against infiltrators (abacengezi) in 1998.

His appreciation of the RPF is shared by his classmate, Grace Mukanyirigira who said that she was proud of wearing the RPF T-shirt and cap because the party liberated the country.

"My thumb will vote for the fist she said. The fist is the RPF Party symbol. The parliamentary candidates attributed the country's current development and stability to RPF's efforts and urged the youth to vote for it in order to have an even better future.

"RPF brought back dignity to every Rwandan," Mukazibera underscored.

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Rwandans will go to the polls Monday.

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