My Mother Inspired Me to Memorise Quran'

Ahmed Shaaban

10 September 2008
dubai — "My mother is the main reason behind my memorisation of the Holy Quran as well as my success in life," said 14-year-old Nyandwi Majaliwa.

"My father passed away when I was still very young. My mother kept encouraging me to memorise the holy book," added Majaliwa, who was the first contestant to appear before the judging committee of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA).

Majaliwa, from Burundi, said he started memorising Holy Quran when he was 10 and finished it in three years.

Having participated in many local and international awards, Majaliwa was nominated for DIHQA by the Islamic Union Federation of Burundi. 

"I advise everybody to enjoy memorising the Quran, and not to deal with it as a burden. They will then taste the happiness I feel," he pointed out.

Another contestant, 18-year-old Majed Abdul Hadi from Afghanistan, said, "I was very lucky to have the honour of memorising the Quran in the holy mosque in Makkah, when I was just five years old. It took me three years to memorise the Quran in full. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Arabic language was never an obstacle for me. I have good command of it, and this is basically due to the Holy Quran."

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