Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Oprah Show: Smart, Ramsey, Hornbeck

Wednesday September 10, 2008

Today Oprah updated viewers on 3 stories that captured the nation - Elizabeth Smart, JonBenet Ramsey and Shawn Hornbeck.

Elizabeth Smart was the first to be interviewed and I was amazed at her composure and grace for a 20 year old. She genuinely appears to have moved on with her life, as she said with the help of her family and faith. Elizabeth is now attending her third year at BYU and even lives in an apartment off campus. It was so great to see that someone truly can get their life back after experiencing such a traumatic event.

John Ramsey made his first television interview since being cleared as a suspect in his daughters still unsolved murder case. It was sad to see what such horrible media attention can do to a family that truly didn't deserve such treatment. John Ramsey seems to have created a normal life for his son and doesn't hold anger for the more than decade long media bashing his family received. It's also sad that his wife didn't get to hear that they had been formally cleared, though John commented that he believes she knows what is going on.

Oprah also updated viewers on the story of Shawn Hornbeck, though he didn't appear on the show. Shawn was abducted in 2002 and discovered with another abducted boy in 2007 and returned home to his parents. Today Shawn is 17 and moving on with his life, playing sports and attending high school.

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