Five Years Already
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Villiage Urugwiro

Members of the Cabinet Friday celebrated the 5th Anniversary of President Kagame's investiture as Rwanda 's Head of State. The event took place immediately after a cabinet meeting at Village Urugwiro.

Speaking on behalf of government ministers, Prime Minister Bernard Makuza said that the many achievements realised in the last five years - in education, social welfare, health, infrastructure, economic growth and democracy, have as their foundation the productive collaboration between the government and the people of Rwanda who had worked diligently under Kagame's leadership.

He remarked that the presidential elections held in 2003 were a manifestation of the will to promote democracy and that Rwandans appreciated Kagame's leadership and were eagerly awaiting the next elections to show their continued solidarity.

The Prime Minister added that members of the cabinet were committed to offering quality and timely service in the implementation of the priorities set by the Head of State.

Kagame thanked cabinet members for seeing it fit to commemorate the occasion saying that working for the country was a heavy but satisfying responsibility and that there was nothing better than knowing that one was contributing toward Rwanda 's growth and achievement of national goals.

The President added that this endeavour by Rwandans to attain development, regain self worth and earn a place in the global landscape is a duty that should be carried out gladly and with pride.

President Kagame said that the achievements of the last five years are framed in the efforts carried out in the last fourteen years and promised that what would follow in the years ahead would be better than what the country is leaving behind.

He noted that although he had two more years in his mandate, members of parliament were in the midst of campaigning for the upcoming elections.

He added that although elections are often characterised by disturbances elsewhere, it was reassuring to be in the midst of campaigning in Rwanda with peace and security prevailing and the democratic process going ahead unhindered by instability.

He noted that where problems emerge, they would be the exception rather than the norm and that Rwandans as well as appropriate authorities should be quick to correct setbacks and draw lessons from them.

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President Kagame expressed his best wishes to all Rwandans as they go to the polls and hoped that their expectations were fulfilled and that all citizens would continue to respect and build up one another as well the country.

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