Conrad Foundation commends Rwanda for quick recovery

APA-Kigali (Rwanda) Visiting Conrad Adenuer Foundation president Benhal Vehdel has commended Rwanda\'s quick recovery from the ruins of the 1994 genocide, reconstruction and reconciliation.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, he called for peaceful parliamentary elections scheduled for September 15.

He said Rwanda has since 1994 made several important steps to ensure constitutionalism, rule of law, reforms in the justice sector and streamlining of security forces to respect human rights.

He urged Rwandans to use the current prevailing peace and security to make the right choice of leaders in all elections and build a strong and sustainable democracy.

\"Rwandans deserve a right to vote for their leaders and Conrad Adeneur Foundation wishes for a peaceful electoral processes every where in the world including Rwanda in its upcoming parliamentary polls,\" he said.

Benhal said Rwanda has proved to be a role model for peace building and conflict resolution in the region.

He said Germany was involved in human rights violation during the Nazi regime but has managed to recover from the bad history and is now in the forefront of human rights observance in the world.

He said Rwanda can do the same in Africa with its current strong leadership.

Conrad Adenuer Foundation is a German international body that promotes peace and rule of law in the world.

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