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Written by Morris Aron   
EABL Factory in Kenya
September 8, 2008: 
Beer maker East African Breweries Limited has announced the creation of a strategic business unit to spearhead the expansion of its  spirits market beyond the East African region.

EABL Venture will be based in Tanzania and headed by Ms Patricia Ithau. Prior to her appointment as the managing director of EABL Venture, Ms Ithau was EABL's marketing director.

She will focus on expanding EABL products market beyond the East African region. In addition, Ms Ithau will also oversee EABL's relationship with Tanzania Breweries Limited.

Kenya Breweries and Tanzania Breweries have a 20 per cent shareholding in each other under an agreement where the companies market each others' products. Ms Ithau's  previous position will be taken by Ms Debra Mallowah.

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