After 800 years, family dispute leads to auction of Belgium castle

The clock is ticking on the auction of a 13th century castle outside Brussels, which is on the block after 800 years in the same family.

Surrounded by a moat, the Corroy-le-Château castle features seven of the original turrets in a 5,000-square-meter mansion filled with ghosts and medieval tales. The castle borders a 12-hectare park about 40 kilometers south of Brussels.

The family that owns Corroy-le-Château dates back to the original builder, William of Brabant. But apparently members of the family have been squabbling about the future of the castle for years. The dispute finally ended up in court, where a judge ordered the sale of the property.

The highest bid so far has been a relatively paltry €2.1 million, or about $3 million. (Where's a free-spending Russian oligarch when you need one?) The final round of the auction is scheduled for Sept. 22 in Brussels. The castle will be sold to the highest bidder, even if it goes no higher than the €2.1 million, a spokesman said.

And who knows what constitutes a fair price for a 13th century castle? As noted in this recent International Herald Tribune article, prices in Belgium are still relatively reasonable, at least compared to many countries in Europe.

More information on the auction, as well as a video tour of the property, can be found on the castle's Web site.

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