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September 18, 2008 by User ImageChe Oyimnatumba 

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Security operatives of the Nigeria State Security Service (SSS) on Tuesday in a quasi Gestapo method, stormed the premises and closed down the operative news rooms of Channels television both in Abuja and Lagos and arrested staff of the out-fit.

Channels had in the previous night aired news that the sick president, Umar Yar'Adua may resign due to ill health. The source is credited to Nigeria News Agency (NAN). To net in all responsible for the rumor, the MD of NAN Mrs. Remi Oyo was invited to the SSS office in Asokoro Abuja for a chat.

Meanwhile the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, the agency responsible for regulation on broadcast in Nigeria, has suspended the license of Channels Television there by putting them off the air.

Over the years, Channels News has become a reliable source of information for Nigerians who distrust the state owned NTA. This fly in the ointment is a source of concern and has given us cause to call for the review of the quality of news Nigerians have been swallowing without alternative balancing.

Just couple of days ago, Nigerian media were awash with stories about the health condition of Mr. President. Some even went the extra miles of opining that Turai had donated her kidney.

A curious development about these reports all quoted "a reliable source in Aso Rock" as source of their story and each time, this source proves unreliable. What we really love to ask, what would it cost a Nigerian media out-fit to visit Saudi Arabia and conduct proper investigative journalism and make bare the true state of Yar'Adua's kidney?

In as much as we blame the federal government for being economical with the truth about the true state of Mr. President's health and the spiritual content of his lesser Hajj, we call on Nigerian journalists to be more thorough and not allow adverts and other Greek gifts from politicians and questionable captain of industries becloud their duty both as a watchdog and conscience of the nation.

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