Five Years on - Visionary Leadership Worth Emulating
The New Times (Kigali)

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It has been stated that the greatest calling in life is the call to public service. On Friday, the Cabinet celebrated five years since the inauguration of President Paul Kagame as Head of State.

In doing so, the cabinet in effect was celebrating an important stage in the President's life as someone who has dedicated most of his life to public service.

We recall that five years ago Rwanda witnessed a unique moment in its history. A free democratic process gave Rwandans the leadership they deserve and choose.

Given the recent history of our country, this was indeed a unique moment. And for five years now, we can state without any fear of contradiction that the President has led the country with the greatest dedication any leader can offer his people.

The achievements that were enumerated by the Prime Minister Bernard Makuza are a manifestation of what a people can achieve with visionary and practical leadership.

Thus in this, the President personifies the hopes and aspirations of the Rwandan people and Banyarwanda the world over.

At the same time in this period, Rwanda has gained a special place among the community of nations. Many achievements like the leading role of women in the management and governance in different sectors, have served to illustrate to other countries, what is possible.

Many countries in the region and beyond look towards Rwanda for inspiration. This has not come by accident. From this as a nation, we ought to collectively and in our individual capacities emulate the dedication we see in our leadership.

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There are many lessons to learn from the achievements that have been realized as a result of resilient leadership. We collectively learn that for leadership to be effective, there must be a moral reason to lead. And in President Kagame, that is what we learn.

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