Trade with Rwanda, says Museveni

Perez Rumanzi


President Museveni has encouraged Ugandans to take advantage of the good cross-border relations with neighbouring Rwanda to do business. The President was speaking during the launch of a $5 million tea project in Kitumba Sub-county, Kabale district.

The pilot project will see the construction of the first tea factory in Kabale.
Mr Museveni called on farmers and the district leaders to complement tea with Arabica coffee for better results. He advised farmers to use the project to start their own tea farms to enrich their incomes.

Mr Museveni, who is on a Prosperity for All sensitisation tour in western Uganda commended the National Agricultural Advisory services programme. He visited several farmers in the area including a widow, Judith Tukahirwa, whom he commended for her hard work in the production of wheat and Irish potatoes. The President at the same time commended the Rwandan government for resolving the conflicts in their country.

He said it was through sacrifice that Rwanda had managed to restore peace.
"If you fear losses, you can't gain. It is because the people of Rwanda sacrificed themselves that they achieved today's peace. You helped them while in conflict, do not neglect them in peace," Mr Museveni said over the weekend.
He thanked the people at the border for their patience as Rwanda went through a genocide in the 1990s that claimed over 800 000 lives and for helping the Rwandese deal with the conflict. Relations between Uganda and Rwanda were for a while strained with each country accusing the other of harbouring dissidents but the relations have improved.

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