Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls

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Sunday, Sep 14, 2008  16:35

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Hi all - good internet connection here so thought we'd  do an update .

Made it to the Falls but not without incident.  Blew another tire (I mean really blew) on the 401 coming out of Toronto.  Yikes.  What a mess it made.  Rick managed to change it himself with a great degree of difficulty as semis were flying by and actually rockin the rv where it was perched on some blocks.  I had the cell phone in my hand with 91 already dialed in.  It was a bit harrowing.  At the next major town we decided to get them all replaced but of course all they had in stock was the very high end ones so the budget took another hit. Oh- well - shouldn't have to worry about tires any more.

Loved Niagara Falls but did not enjoy the town.  What a tourist trap.  We actually went on the Maid of the Mist and was very cool going almost right under the Falls.  Was definitely worth it.  The town is like a really bad take off on Vegas.   Didn't spend much time there.  Golfed at the John Daly course the next day called Thundering Waters.  Rick loved it - shot a 74.  I thought it was a tad overpriced with pretty chewed up t boxes and greens that needed some work but it was very scenic.   We did a few wineries in the afternoon but left it a little late and we were ready to get back for a swim etc.   Thursday - we headed off to Niagara on the Lake and wished we'd gone sooner. Again a bit touristy but really pretty.  Would have loved to spend a little more time there but we had made arrangements with a friend of Rick's in Ottawa to be at his place on Friday.   We arrived there about mid day  - and well it was an experience to say the least.  I'm sure one day we'll have a good laugh over it but suffice it to say that Rick owes me big time for that little excursion.   They did give us a great tour of the city tho - both during the afternoon and after dinner - when everything was lit up.   We spent the whole of the next day in the Museum of Civilization which is immense, as well as touring the National Art Gallery , the Parliament bldgs, the open markets and pretty much the majority of the downtown area.  Ottawa is fantastic!  The architecture, the parks, the canal.   It seems an incredibly health conscious city with people running, biking, roller blading etc. everywhere.  We left Rick's friends place and  moved to a municipal campsite in Ottawa.  Will do a little more sightseeing  but plan on moving towards Montreal tomorrow.  We're still getting the remnants of Ike but it's not too bad.  Very humid! 

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